God On Trial, 2008, Andy De Emmony

IMDb puts this in the category of drama and war. But it is much more than that.  This is a holocaust film and the prisoners in Auschwitz, many of whom are destined to gas chamber ask the basic question- “Why should God punish us, what wrong have we committed”?

Most of the prisoners are highly educated- ranging from doctors to philosophers to theologists. Some question even whether God exist and if so why God would be committing a terrible mistake of punishing Jewish people from time immemorial instead of coming to their rescue.

The film is set in eerie holocaust surrounding with background of the Nazi soldiers carrying on their duties outside. Amidst lot of debate and counter arguments, they decide to put God on trial and a courtroom is set up with a judge and counsels to argue their points. What follows is courtroom drama in a dilapidated Nazi dormitory. The counsels despite being aware of their hour of death well nigh profoundly take us through the complex questions and leave us spellbound for days to come.

Brilliantly written by Frank Cottrell Boyce with admirable performance by each of the prisoners.

The Points: 91-slightly biased because it’s theme is my favorite

The Whisky: Laphroaig 10 yo, CS, Green Stripe, 57.3%, OB 1st Edition +/- 1995.

Author: Krishna Nukala

I, Krishna Nukala (b 1955) by virtue of place of birth (which incidence has been beyond my control) am an Indian national. Nobody who is born in this world has chosen to be born in a particular country. That is why I hate governments, borders and nationalities. People laugh at me when I vote for the idea of “one government” on earth where there are no differences between people due to colour of their skin, ethnicity or religion and movement of people, trade and economic resources is free. Sounds utopian? May be. At least I don’t have to queue for US, UK or Schengen Visas!! As you have rightly guessed, I am a radical humanist, which means I abhor all religions and the concept of god (notice “g” in lower case). I am also an extreme free thinker but uphold the view that the virtue of life is the golden mean between two extremities. Well, enough of self bragging. After tasting a Lagavulin in Surrey, UK in 1998 and meeting Mike Nicholson at the distillery my life changed forever. Just around that time I also met (through internet) a guy called Johannes van den Heuval. Johannes got himself initiated into Single Malts in 1995 and was so deeply affected by its charm and mysticism that he set out in pursuit of QAVP (Questio Aqua Vitae Perfectum). In the process he brought together about three dozen malt maniacs across the globe to revel in the spirit and share their experiences. Result is that two of the most popular websites on whisky were born. www.maltmadness.com and www.maltmaniacs.net. So far I have tasted more than 2000 single malts and due to my current “no work” status going easy on malts. Besides exalting in malts I also enjoy travelling, listening to music, good food (only meats please) and watching movies. I have always been a serious movie buff since childhood and being good at English, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, & Tamil watched movies in all these languages. Since I have plenty of time now and nothing else to do Johannes asked me to join him in writing some reviews on world cinema. It is an honor for me to work with Johannes, despite knowing what a tough task master he is. Hope you enjoy the content and I don’t mind you hurl the rotten stuff on me, if you have not done that already!! Krishna

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